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Russell F. Hackmann, CFA, is the president of Hackmann Wealth Partners. Russell has over 25 years’ experience advising individuals and institutions on wealth and risk management.

“Hackmann Wealth Partners is made up of a team of professionals that all work together to meet the needs of each of our clients.”

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Your Financial Plan Should Tackle the Big 6 Retirement Risks

1. Market Risk

We diversify your portfolio to manage risk and implement strategies to protect against significant market downturns.

2. Risk of Outliving Your Money

We create a tailored financial plan to ensure your savings last through retirement, providing sustainable income strategies.

3. Tax Risk

We offer tax-efficient investment strategies and planning to minimize your tax liabilities in retirement.

4. Inflation

We incorporate inflation-protected investments and strategies to help preserve your purchasing power.

5. Underperformance and Hidden Fee Risk

A good second opinion can often reveal 1–2% in fee and performance improvements. We ensure transparency and choose investments in your best interest.​

6. Long Term Care Risk

Our financial plans address the potential for significant long term care expenses in retirement.

In the Press

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Listen to The Wall Street Sweeper with Russell Hackmann

The Wall Street Sweeper with Russell Hackmann

Russell Hackmann and the team at the Wall Street Sweeper bring everything you need to know about retirement and income planning in a fast paced format. Each week, we reveal the latest developments in the financial world to keep you informed of changes that may affect you personally, while sharing some common sense strategies that will help you make the most out of your retirement savings. We are focused on helping investors preserve and grow their assets, increase their income, and reduce taxes.

How it works

A complementary consultation and 2nd opinion with Hackmann Wealth Partners provides you with:

Portfolio X-Ray

Get a detailed analysis highlighting the fees and performance of your current investments.

Complementary Financial Plan

Receive a personalized plan addressing "The Big 6 Retirement Risks," aimed at lowering risk, increasing cash flow, and achieving your goals.

Tax Liability Estimate

Understand your future tax obligations to the IRS and state government on your retirement savings.

Estate Planning Review

Identify and address any gaps in your estate planning to ensure comprehensive protection.

Comparison Table

“Big Box” FirmPhone-Based Discount FirmHackmann Wealth Partners
Cookie-Cutter Portfolio AllocationYESYESNO
Individualized Objectives-Based Plan With Conservative Forecasting to Meet Your ObjectivesNONONO
Plans Address the Largest Financial Risks in Retirement - the Big 6 Retirement RisksNONOYES
Conflicts of Interest with Mutual Funds YESSOMETIMESNO
Hidden Layers of FeesYESSOMETIMESNO
Use of Volatile Bond Funds as "Safe" AssetYESYESNO
Innovative Use of Principal Protected Growth Strategies instead of BondsNONOYES
Long Term Personal RelationshipSOMETIMESNOYES
Planning team available 7 days per weekNONOYES
Tax Planning to Reduce Taxes on Your IRA, 401k, 403b, TSP, etc.NONOYES

Disclaimer: The comparison table is intended to show the possible differences of services and fees associated with different types of financial firms. The descriptions may not apply to all financial service firms. Investors should carefully evaluate their options and consider seeking professional advice to determine the most suitable service for their financial situation.

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