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Understand your financial objectives
Assess your goals and portfolio needs for the future
Review your current plan
Determine whether your current financial plan meets your overall objectives
Build your new plan
Construct a new plan with investments tailored to meet your needs
Allocate your assets
Work with us to determine the appropriate allocation of your portfolio
Monitor performance of your portfolio
Maintain open lines of communication and meet on a regular basis for review of your portiolio
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Our services

Financial & Retirement Services

Hackmann Wealth Partners offers financial planning, portfolio risk review and asset management, legacy and estate planning, and insurance services throughout the United States.

What we offer


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plans

Our comprehensive financial plans encompass all of a client’s assets, liabilities, and projected income streams while taking into consideration their unique and individual objectives for retirement and beyond. We help clients meet these objectives and are fluent in virtually all areas of investment and insurance products and how they are appropriately used in planning.

A core objective for most clients is to ensure they do not outlive their savings. Our guaranteed lifetime income plans provide income that lasts as long as the individual or their spouse is alive while maintaining liquidity for ease of access.

Investment & Product Recommendations

Our recommendations are not driven by matching a limited set of “preferred investments” to retirement goals because these goals vary widely across our client base. Whether financial resources are substantial or more limited, we believe in making use of a broad variety of investment assets to meet each of our clients’ unique circumstances and risk tolerance. We are not held to any one product or products, allowing us to help clients select the products that are truly right for their situations. products and how they are appropriately used in planning.

Risk Managed Growth & Income Portfolios

Today’s financial markets demand active risk management to help control risk and enhance investment return throughout market and economic cycles. Our focus is on helping to minimize risk of significant portfolio drawdowns, particularly as clients leave the workforce and shift their focus to enjoying their retirement.

Portfolio Risk & Fee Reviews

We conduct detailed analyses on existing client portfolios in order to assess portfolio risk and total fee drag. This analysis often reveals hidden fees and excess exposure to adverse market conditions.

Required Minimum Distribution & Tax Management Strategies

IRS requirements for spending down retirement assets can run counter to planning objectives. Offsetting the impact of undesired taxable income requires different investment strategies to help maintain the value of the assets.


Legacy & Estate Planning

We help clients achieve legacy objectives for family and charitable interests. This includes identifying the desired level of assets passing to beneficiaries while maintaining control of the assets if needed during the client’s lifetime. We coordinate with attorneys and accountants when necessary to help manage complex estates.


Life Insurance Review

Assessing ongoing life insurance needs to protect family members or for tax planning purposes can be a complex undertaking. Proper planning can make a significant difference to surviving family members, but it is often overlooked in traditional financial and retirement planning. Our team is fluent in all forms of life insurance for protection and investment.