Hackmann Wealth

Brookstone Capital Management

Brookstone Capital Management (“Brookstone”), an $8 billion Registered Investment Advisor based in Chicago, partners with HWP Inc with the goal of delivering clients top-tier fiduciary asset management services across a broad range of securities strategies. HWP Inc is an integral part of the management process and manages the client relationship day to day.

Core attributes of the Brookstone platform

Availability of a broad array of investment strategies:

    • Active and passive managed strategies with emphasis on low costs and attractive returns across market cycles
      • Portfolios of stable dividend paying stocks provide a foundation for income in retirement

    • CD and short-term bond portfolios provide a liquid foundation to keep pace with inflation

    • Available portfolios for low-cost index-based investing, with risk levels set appropriate to client objectives

    • Satellite strategies are available with increased downside protection, higher yields, and other tailored objectives